Hi! I'm Angie!

I'm a Canadian girl with a love for all things Disney and dreaming BIG. I'm also the creator behind Donuts, Dumbbells & Dreams, the Daily Grind Planner, and the author of 'My Dream Life Blueprint'.

Donuts, Dumbbells & Dreams was born from my desire to create a welcoming community where creativity, art, and dreaming big come together. This brand is a reflection of my passions, and is inspired by my journey on YouTube, where I found a way to connect with amazing people like you, sharing my love for home decor, DIY projects, and daily life with my husband, Andre, and our fur baby, Carl.

At Donuts, Dumbbells & Dreams, we believe in keeping it real and making sure everyone feels heard and supported. This community is about more than just YouTube videos and apparel—it's about finding joy in the little things, supporting each other, and always reaching for our dreams. Whether you're here because you love the designs, or feel a connection to our community.. WELCOME.. And happy shopping <3